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Fisher Island
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Neighborhood Description

Located on a barrier island, Fisher Island is one of the most exclusive and private residential areas in Miami and is known as America’s wealthiest zip code. An elite, tropical paradise characterized by Mediterranean architecture, Fisher Island is just 3 miles from the shores of Miami, sitting south of Miami Beach and east of downtown Miami. Although there are some single-family mansions, Fisher Island’s most common buildings are condos. Travel in and out of Fisher Island is done almost exclusively by ferry, with residents entering by driving to Terminal Island, which is along the MacArthur causeway connecting Miami and Miami Beach. From there, they drive their cars onto a ferry that takes a few minutes to get to Fisher Island. Once inside the island, residents have several personal parking spots, although the most common means of transportation is by golf cart or by personal yacht. There are eight restaurants, including several high-end steakhouses, and all of them charge residents’ expense accounts, so that no money is exchanged. The island is home to the historic Vanderbilt Mansion, a beach club, a 9-hole golf course, 18 tennis courts, and a mile of private beachfront with white sand imported from Bermuda. Since the entry process and the island is so secured, ultra-high-net-worth individuals can find comfort in the safety and privacy of Fisher Island, one that epitomizes luxury living in Miami.